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Unit Coolers
Radial Unit Coolers
This type of unit cooler finds application in the refrigeration field where is required a ventilation with external static pressure of 150 Pa, in order to allow air distribution through socks (textile, plastic or other material) and / or cold rooms and warehouses of large dimensions. The simplicity of assembly and the wide range of radial fans available allow a wide response to the market not only for the large external static pressure, but also for the low sound level expressed, particularly required in processing rooms. 

The heat exchanger is made with a new geometry, specific for refrigeration, with high efficiency corrugated of aluminum fins on the surface and with copper tubes with a diameter of ½“ internally grooved for direct expansion (D) and diameter of 5/8” for pump functioning (P). 
Radial unit coolers DX: Series THT, TMT 
THT Series: 4,5 mm fin spacing for high temperatures ≥ 2 °C 
TMT Series: 7 mm fin spacing for medium temperature < 2 °C 
Radial unit coolers Brine: Series THB, TMB 
THB Series: 4,5 mm fin spacing for high temperatures ≥ 2 °C 
TMB Series: 7 mm fin spacing for medium temperature < 2 °C 
The casing is manufactured entirely in protected aluminum and structured to enable excellent robustness and easy interchangeability for different functioning and defrosting systems. 
All models are equipped with 50 Hz three-phase fan motors with a level of protection IP 54 and thermal contacts inside. 
(6P63) = 6 poles Fan diameter 630 mm 
(4P56) = 4 poles Fan diameter 560 mm 
(4P63) = 4 poles Fan diameter 630 mm 
The assembly of radial fans on the unit cooler is achieved by means of a cylindrical box containing the fan. The choice of the radial fan model will be subject to the market demand depending on the cooling capacity, the available external static pressure required from the sock and the noise level of the unit.