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Unit Coolers
Light Cubic Unit Coolers
THERMOKEY presents a new direct expansion unit coolers series designed for small and medium cold rooms for storage of fresh or frozen goods. 
PH series fin spacing 4,0 mm for temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C 
PM series fin spacing 6,0 mm for temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C 
The heat exchanger coil is produced using a new geometry designed specifically for refrigeration, with high efficiency corrugated surface “TK” aluminium fins and ½” diameter copper tubes internally grooved. 
The casing is made in RAL 9010 painted galvanized steel with some parts in ABS thermoplastic resin. 
All models use single-phase 230V-50/60Hz fan motors with IP54 protection and internal thermalcontact. Four different diameters of fan motors are available: Ø300, Ø350, Ø400 and Ø450 mm with a number of fan motors from 1 to 4 for each single fan diameter. 
Each fan is equipped with a connection box for electrical wiring. 
The PH and PM unit cooler series can be equipped with: 
- Electrical defrosting system 
- Three-phase 400V-50/60Hz fan motors 
- Air streamers