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Unit Coolers
Brine Unit Coolers
An innovative cubic and dual flow industrial unit coolers series designed for any type of application. This is a new series of products for brine (water and ethylene glycol) with the possibility to choose from 6 to 10 rows for each unit in order to use the right capacity and exchange surface.  
The heat exchanger coil is produced using a new geometry designed specifically for refrigeration, with high efficiency corrugated surface “TK” aluminium fins and 5/8” tube diameter. The coil is tested to 17 bar, and all of its components are checked in accordance with the company’s stringent production specifications and quality control requirements. 
BHT, BFT e BMT series Industrial unit coolers: 
BHT series: fin spacing 4,5mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C 
BFT series: fin spacing 6mm for medium temperatures 2 ÷ -10°C 
BMT series: fin spacing 8mm for low temperatures -10 ÷ -20°C 
GHS, GMS, GHL, GML series double flow industrial unit coolers: 
GHS, GHL series: fin spacing 4,5 mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C 
GMS, GML series: fin spacing 7 mm for medium and low temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C 
The casing is manufactured in aluminium, protected and constructed in order to provide maximum strength and simple interchange with different operating and defrosting systems available. The casing made of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 is available on request. 
All models use double speed three-phase 50 Hz fans with IP54 protection and internal thermalcontact.  
The GHS, GMS series use high speed delta connection fans (4 poles). 
The DHL, DML series use low speed star connection fans (6 poles). The effective performance in star mode is equal to Qn x 0,82. 
Single-phase and single speed fan-motors are available on request.