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Unit Coolers
Blast Freezer Unit Coolers
THERMOKEY presents the Blast Freezer Unit Coolers. 
This floor unit coolers series is ideal for all sectors where fast freezing of food is necessary, for example industries preparing meat, poultry, fish, bakery, dairy, ice cream, ready-to-serve meals, etc. 
Blast freezer unit coolers are designed for applications with R404A, R507, NH3 and CO2. 
The application range is: 
- FLT series with R404A, from 14 to 71 kW (Te=-40°C DT1=5K) 
- FLA series with NH3, from 16 to 99 kW (Te=-40°C DT1=5K) 
- FLC series with CO2, from 18 to 107 kW (Te=-40°C DT1=5K) 

The refrigerant charge is lower than comparable products on the market, which will have a positive effect both on your budget and the environment. To further support your budget targets, Blast Freezer Unit Coolers offer low electricity consumption and smart solutions for easy installation and maintenance. 
The standard configuration has: 
- aluminium casing painted RAL 9010 
- piping in copper for FLT series 
- piping in stainless steel for FLA and FLC series 
- 12 mm fin spacing 
- 630 mm fan diameter  
- motor fan type: 3 phase 400V 50/60 Hz  
- external static pressure of 100 Pa 
The following customizations are available upon request: 
- casing in stainless steel or galvanized steel 
- special fans for high static pressure 
- different defrost systems (electric, hot gas, etc.) 
- different fin spacing 
- different coil protection