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Unit Coolers
Ammonia Unit Coolers
These newly designed cubic and dual flow industrial unit coolers can be used for any application with ammonia refrigerant for working in pump mode and direct expansion. The declared capacities on our catalogue have been calculated according to the ENV328 norm from 8 to 123 kW at SC2 standard conditions in pump mode you must multiply the capacities by 0.9 for systems with direct expansion). 
The heat exchanger coil is manufactured using a geometry specifically designed for refrigeration applications with corrugated fins type “TK fin” and 16mm stainless steel tubes type AISI 304. The circuit TIG welding is performed with an automatic process. The coil is tested at 30 bar, and all of its components are checked in accordance with the company’s quality system UNI EN ISO 9001:2000. 
AHT, AMT e ALT series cubic unit coolers: 
AHT series: fin spacing 4,5 mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2 °C. 
AMT series: fin spacing 7 mm for medium temperatures 2 ÷ -20 °C. 
ALT series: fin spacing 11mm for low temperatures -18 ÷ -35 °C.
ADHS, ADHM, ADMS e ADML series double flow Industrial unit coolers: 
ADHS/ADHL series: fin spacing 4,5mm for high temperatures 15 ÷ 2°C. 
ADMS/ADML series: fin spacing 7mm for medium temperatures 2 ÷ -20°C. 
All the unit coolers are pre-charged with dry air in order to ensure that refrigerant circuit is free of humidity and perfectly clean. 
The casing is manufactured in aluminium, protected and constructed in order to provide maximum strength and simple interchange with different operating and defrosting systems available. The casing made of STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304 is available on request. 
All models are equipped with three-phase 50 Hz double speed fans with IP54 protection level and thermal contact. Fans-motors for 60 Hz, with single speed or single phase are available on request. 
The ADHS/ADMS series use high speed delta connection fan-motor (4 poles). 
The ADHL/ADML use low speed star connection fan-motor (6 poles). The effective performance in star mode is equal to Qn x 0,82 A.