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Dry Coolers
Power line Dry Coolers
THERMOKEY presents a new series of liquid coolers (dry coolers) called “POWER-LINE” featuring various fin geometries in different modules using new materials and a new design. This newly born product, which is the result of Thermokey’s years of experience, is able of fully satisfying the needs of the industrial cooling sector. The combination of three factors such as fin geometry (differentiated tube diameters and special fins), proper fans and differentiated modules enable to achieve the following: 
- Maximum capacity related to the heat exchanger dimensions. 
- Optimized primary fluid pressure drops thanks to the use of various tube diameters within the dry cooler series. 
- Possibility of an optimized product selection by using different module lengths. 
- Respect of the most strict environmental norms in terms of acoustic pollution. 

The declared capacities and sound pressure levels are according to the ENV1048 norm. 4 different fan diameters are used : 500, 630, 800 and 900 mm.; from 1 to 16 fans in single or double rows for capacities from 8,5 kW to 1120 kW at normal nominal conditions. In order to achieve the maximum strength of the unit, the casing is manufactured in oven-painted galvanized steel and polyurethane resins (RAL 7035). External use double speed 400/3/50 Hz fans are used to obtain 8 different sound pressure levels for each fan diameter. 
A complete series of accessories are available upon request. Among these are: 
- Phase cut, voltage step and inverter speed controllers. 
- Standard electrical boxes and special versions on request. 
- Custom made special or standard wiring-junction boxes. 
- Fins in various materials (Aluminuim, Copper, Epoxy or Double Coated). 
- Copper tubes or stainless steel AISI 304 tubes for special uses. 
- Special fans: single phase fans with 500 and 630 mm diameters, 60Hz net frequency, various voltages and fans for high ambient temperatures.
Power line Dry Coolers
From Thermokey's R&D experience "Power-J", an innovative series of double coil dry coolers, has come into being. This new series is capable of fully satisfying the needs of industrial refrigeration and air - conditioning operators. The capacities of the new Power-J series range from 76 kW to 1585 kW measured at nominal conditions (ENV 1048 Norm). The extraordinary performance of these dry coolers is the result of an optimal combination of new high effi ciency aluminium fi ns, copper tubes and new fans which can develop high air fl ow with reduced current absorption and low sound emissions. The Power-J series is based on a modular design with a RAL 7035 oven painted galvanized steel housing and can use up to sixteen 900 mm fans with 8 sound power levels, with a single or double fan row. 
The following customizations are available upon request: 
- Speed controllers with phase cut, voltage step or inverter technology. 
- Wirings and junction boxes can be standard or fi tted according to specifi c requests. 
- Special materials for all types of applications and installation environments. 
An innovative "adiabatic" system AFS (Air Fresh System) is also available on request: this automatic system, developed by Thermokey, enables the heat exchanger to keep the same performance level even when the air temperature is higher than the design conditions.